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*A Praiseworthy Question

Question: I am trying to avoid evaluative praise with my 2 yo son. I usually say “Good job!”, “Yay!”, or “I am so proud of you!” I have been working on describing his accomplishments. But I still find myself saying “Way to go! You put the wipes away all by yourself!” Or...
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*Why you shouldn't say "you"

Hi Joanna and Julie, We had a question come up this morning in the study group I’m leading based on your book. In the chapter on Engaging Cooperation one of the tools is “describe how you feel.” Readers are advised to avoid the word, “you.” This seems to be in conflict...
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*When siblings fight, should I give them a "time out"?

Dear Joanna and Julie, I have 3 kids ages (almost) 5, 3, and 13 months. About 3 years ago, after reading a couple of parenting books along the same lines as yours (but nowhere near as specific and helpful!), I decided to stop using time out and other punishments and haven’t...
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*Acknowledging my 3 y.o.'s feelings is not helping. Help!

Dear Joanna and Julie, I’ve tried acknowledging my daughter’s feelings for over a year now (she’s three) and it consistently doesn’t work. Just today our dialogue went like this: (She fell and hurt her knee) Daughter: (crying) Momma! Me: I saw that you fell. I bet that hurt. Daughter: (crying) NO!...
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*How I Sped Up the Nighttime Routine with My 2-1/2 Year Old

Dear Joanna and Julie, The bedtime routine with Simon, age two-and-a-half, has been dragging out longer and longer. I’m short on patience by that time of the night. I’m writing to share my success with being playful. I made a getting-ready-for-bed game, complete with laminated pieces. I had my dad do the...
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