Here you will find answers to questions as well as stories sent to us by readers.


We’d love to hear how you’ve used  the tools from the How To Talk approach. It is our hope to create a community of adults who inspire and support each other by sharing creative ways to solve problems, resolve conflicts, engage cooperation, and strengthen relationships with children.

If you have a spare moment and you are inspired to write to us, we’d appreciate stories in any form, including sentence fragments from the sleep deprived, rhymes from the whimsical, or video recordings from the technically advanced. We’ve also created the outline below to make it easier, if you find that kind of thing helpful!

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*A Clean Resolution for Resistant Bathers

This story comes to us from a reader in India:     The Flood Evacuation Story My boys, aged 7 & 5, had just returned sweaty and tired from outdoor play and needed to shower. A couple of gentle reminders didn’t help.   Just then , a quirky idea popped into my head and I announced...
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*Too Many Tantrums

Dear Joanna and Julie, I have just finished reading your book and I think it’s an amazing book! I have a 5-and-a-half-year-old son, “Kevin,” as well as a 2-year-old.  “Kevin,” has always been a difficult child for me. He always has temper tantrums  (like every hour) over tiny matters. He  says he...
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*Doesn't punishment prepare kids for real life?

Dear Joanna and Julie, Firstly, I really love your new book on how to talk to little kids. I think it’s an amazing book and very easy to read with great real life examples. Secondly, your book mentions not to punish kids for their misbehavior, rather teach them how to fix their...
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*Overtired Child

Dear Joanna and Julie, My biggest source of frustration with my child is when he is overtired. On the way to the melt-down, he can’t pay attention to rules or parental suggestions, he bounces off the walls, and moves his attention from thing to thing rapidly. It is hard to watch...
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*Too Much Hugging

Dear Joanna and Julie, Our almost 6-year-old is overly physically affectionate with his friends. He can’t seem to restrain himself from kissing and hugging (way too long and too hard), and won’t stop even when the other kid complains. We’ve had many discussions with him about the importance of respecting other people’s bodies...
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