How To Talk So Little Kids Will Listen

“Faber and King have done the impossible! This guide to how to talk so little kids will listen is BRILLIANT. Every parent needs to read this book because it teaches skills that are solidly based on research. The book is magnificent.” —John Gottman, author of Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child

“Any new parent, teacher, or day care operator will benefit from reading this helpful book. Accessible, highly effective methods for raising well-behaved children.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Faber and King are like wise, calm friends who arrive just in time to help you through the toughest moments, with no judging or shaming. In fact, they have just as much empathy for parents as they have for children.” —Lawrence J. Cohen, PhD, author of Playful Parenting

“This helpful gem of a book guides parents and other caregivers to tune in to the internal worlds of young children to allow their minds to be seen and respected. With practical suggestions and useful illustrations, the authors clearly convey these important steps to guiding our children’s development.” —Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. Author, Mind:A Journey to the Heart of Being Human and Executive DirectorMindsight Institute

“Oh, man. This might be the most empowering parenting book I’ve read about the age and stage of parenting that I (and most of my friends) am currently in! This collection first gives you the information and tools (in part one), along with myriad examples of what those tools look like in action. And then, in part two, they dive into specific situations and examples and how to use those tools to deal with tough behaviors. The authors also acknowledge that parents get ANGRY sometimes, and sometimes even yell, but it doesn’t have to lead to damaging your relationship with your child when done in the right way. In the six days it took me to read this book, I started using the tools and tips immediately. This morning, when the boys got into a bit of a scuffle, my oldest used his words to identify his feelings instead of lashing out at his younger brother. It was a breakthrough! Not only are they working for my kiddos, they are absorbing the information and it’s helping to make their relationship better! I feel like this one will go on my list of “parenting books to recommend to all the friends” from here on out.”  — Kaytee Cobb (Goodreads)

I loved reading this book & can not wait to share it with our current parenting group. Everything that we say in our workshop seems to have been translated into this neat, little package. I would say a “must read” for anyone who has children, or works with young children.” — Christine Lussier (Goodreads)

“As a mom to a son in his terrible twos, this book could not have come at a more perfect time. It has really helped me to talk to him and to validate his emotions, and in turn it helps my son calm down knowing that mommy does understand after all and mommy does want to help him.” — Jazmine Collins (Goodreads)

“Parents looking for peace, harmony, and cooperation will find a wealth of options in this guide.” — Booklist


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